Thinking-pole and life-pole

Are you a doer or a thinker ?

Sometimes people are divided in thinkers and doers. Thinkers think and sometimes they do something. Doers do something and afterwards they think, that they should not have done certain things.

When you do whatever you want whenever you feel like it, your life will become a mess. It is nice to do anything you like, but being successful in a high developed society takes some planning. But if you are constantly busy making plans, without ever realizing them, then you are not very successful either. Then you live only in your head and you achieve nothing. And if you think to much and you are afraid to live, then you can become a successful manager or politician and even become rich. But you will live in a structured and comfortable prison-cell: your own head.


To be healthy and in harmony, you have to develop both your life-pole and your thinking-pole.

At school you learn to develop your thinking-pole. When I was at school (1967 -1974) we had to learn to sit quietly, to listen, to concentrate and to learn things with our head. In short: We learned to repress our life-pole and to develop our thinking-pole. When I was 20, my thinking-pole was over-developed and my life-pole was under-developed.

It is not wrong to teach children to repress their life-pole and to develop their thinking-pole. If we woud not do that, they would grow up like apes. The life-pole develops more naturally then the thinking-pole. Culture should take care of the development of our thinking-pole. A little repression of our animal instincts is not wrong. But we should not do that to much.

With many people the repression has gone to far, and these people are now living in their thinking-pole. These people should repress their thinking-pole a little and should develop their life-pole. You can do that with Tantra and Spirituality & Sexuality.

With many people the sexuality is repressed and underdeveloped. Spontaneity and a healthy sex-life are missing in their lives. You can do something about this. You can take your sex-life in your own hands and exercise yourself in making love.


I do not participate with anti-social media


I do not participate with facebook, twitter et cetera because of the privacy-violations and the anti-social behavior of this kind of media. Anti-social media stimulate autistic and narcissistic behavior.




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