Questions about sexuality

You can create a great sexual life !!!

  • Do you have questions about sexuality or about your relationship?
  • Do you have sexual problems, like frigidity, impotence, sex-addiction?
  • Are you at odds with homo-sexuality, bi-sexuality, BDSM (S&M, sado-masochism)?
  • Do you want to talk about your sexual fantasies and/or desires?
  • Do you want to develop or liberate your sexuality?
  • Do you want more success, more happiness, more harmony?
  • Are you looking for information about tantra, tau-of-love, carezza, continence, sublimation, celibacy or about spirituality and sexuality?
  • Or about oral sex, anal sex, pee-sex (golden shower), fetishism?
  • Or do you want a perfect relationship?
  • Or do you want a spiritual and erotic talk through the phone?

From the Netherlands call:

0909 333 777 9 (80 ct / min).

See at the top of this page, at the right if I am available.

From other countries you can get advice or answer to your questions by email. Use the form below and make sure your email-address is valid.

Most forms of spirituality reject the sexual energy. Many people are afraid of the power of sex. And people learned to expect and fear condemnation of others. So people learned to condemn their own sexuality, to hide it from others and to be ashamed and inhibited. I teach people to accept their sexual power and use their sexual desires for development and personal growth.

I can inform you about Tau-of-love, carezza, several forms of tantra, prana-yama, development and awakening of kundalini, sexual magick, sexual magic, and a lot more.

You can also get answers to questions about frigidity, impotence, homo-sexuality, bi-sexuality, trans-sexuality, BDSM and sado-masochism, anal-sex, oral-sex, pee-sex (golden shower), sexual liberation, etcetera.

During spiritual development you energize your sexuality, When the kundalini-energy starts flowing through the lower chakras, many new images rise up. I can help you deal with these energies. So if you feel dirty, guilty or ashamed, contact me and we can work things out.

Spirituality and BDSM

Many spiritual people have been sexually abused during childhood. And many spiritual people have a desire to serve, to destroy their ego. I am not sure if sexual submissiveness and servility are the result of sexual abuse during childhood. There are indications in that direction.

Many spiritual people struggle with their sado-masochistic desires. One has been tought to reject these desires. But many spiritual people find that they become stronger during spiritual development. It is important to understand these desires and to find a way to deal with them. And to erase guilt and shame.

It is more difficult for a spiritual switch. (Someone that likes to dominate at one time and to serve at another time.) To be leader and servant at the same time. Then you start to be like Jesus. If you want to be the highest, you should serve everyone. In the bible Jesus has been described as a switch. Someone who was a spiritual leader who kneeled naked for his students and washed their feet. (Did he also give oral sex?) To deal with this contradictive desires is not easy. An ordinary sexuologist can help you understand the sexual part, but does he/she understand the spiritual part?


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