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In 1974 I became a vegetarian at the age of 12 years old. Since then I have spent several hours daily on breathing exercises and meditation. After more than 43 years of meditation and TRANCE-FORMATION I am a guru. That means: someone who can lead you to the light. I can show you the way to the light, but you have to go that way yourself.



Often consultations are given in 30 minutes or 50 minutes. By the time you take of your coat and sit down, the consultation is over. The consultations I give can last about 4 hours. I think it's wrong to give many consultations a day and then do the last one bad because you're too tired. That's why I give only one consultation per day at most. You get all the attention you need.


During a consultation I give a lot of energy. It is often said that this does not cost energy, because you pass on that energy. That is only partially true. I draw energy from my surroundings and pass it on. But in order to steer that energy, I have to concentrate strongly. Concentrating like that is tiring. Giving concentrated attention for four hours is tiring.

If you let little energy flow through, it seems as if the energy is inexhaustible. That is not the case. I regularly gave aura-cleansings at trade fairs, sometimes as many as six or seven on a day. Such a ritual draws a lot of energy from the environment. I have noticed several times that the energy in the area was running out. Then you have to stop and wait until the energy of that place is restored.


  • Advice, coaching, insight by phone or email.

    If you want a consultation or guidance by phone or email,

    Please contact us with the form below.

    Don't forget to fill in your email address correctly.

    Please also indicate:

    • Which date and time you prefer.

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  • Private conversation

    Duration: 1.5 to 2.5 hours

    Costs: € 50 (including VAT).

  • Personal session or initiation with Andreas Firewolf

    Duration: 3 to 5 hours

    Costs: € 95 (including VAT).

  • Deduction of taxes

    On the invoice the services will be specified as 'coaching' or 'psychological training'. If you have a company in the Netherlands and you pay VAT, you can deduct this tax.

  • No sex.

    Sometimes people (men and women) come for a session with the hope of sex. Since 1974 I have spent a few hours daily on TRANCE-FORMATION and breathing exercises to clean my aura and chakras. I don't want to pollute myself by sex with people I hardly know.

    There are people (usually men) who call themselves 'guru' who want all young women to experience 'the sexual power of yoga'. The etheric body of this kind of people is usually unclean. Contact with people like this does not lead to enlightenment, but sometimes to some self-knowledge.

  • All interviews and sessions are subject to an obligation of best efforts and no obligation to achieve results. I guarantee that I will do my best to help you as best as possible. But I cannot guarantee a result.

  • My practice is in the Netherlands near Winschoten, in the north-east of Groningen.





You can ask questions or make an appointment with the form below. Don't forget to fill in your email address correctly.





I do not participate with anti-social media


I do not participate with facebook, twitter et cetera because of the privacy-violations and the anti-social behavior of this kind of media. Anti-social media stimulate autistic and narcissistic behavior.






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Often I am available for questions and spiritual guidance via Helderinzicht.

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