Lingham-healing and lingham-worship

The word lingham is used in India for the holy dick.
In English translated,
this story is about cock-healing and cock-worship.
So this really is a cock-story. :-)


You enter a nice and warm meditation-room or sacred temple. There is a lovely sensual smell. You are welcomed by a handsome priestess, who will heal your dick in a tantric way. She takes you to a warm bath with a sensual smelling oil. You are bathed and baptized by the priestess. Your past, all your problems, all your feelings of guilt and all your superstition are washed away. She baptizes you in the name of the Great Mother, the Sky Father and the holy Child.

She dries you tenderly and you become warm. All coldness disappears from your balls and your dick. She brings you to a Circle of Light and Love. She creates a healing ritual and calls the powers of tantric healing. Guided by these powers, she gives you a long sensual massage. Specially your hips, buttocks and thighs are massaged.

She puts you on your back and caresses your balls and the shaft of your dick. And when you get an erection, she takes him in her divine hands. She caresses the shaft of your dick and plays with your glowing glans. And you relax more and more.

The priestess kneels beside you and starts to suck your dick. Her tongue plays with your dick, tickles your glans and occasionally she takes your dick deep in her holy mouth. She sucks on your glans for a very long time. And she sucks your balls for a very long time. She worships your holy dick with her whole heart and soul. And with her mouth and tongue.

You become very warm inside and you let go more and more. Eventually you lose control. You really give yourself to the healing tantric energy. You forget how to keep control. You reach an enormous orgasm. And this transforms you entirely.

As the god of the holy dick, you return home. You are a reborn man. You radiate confidence and inner strength. Your dick and balls are warm and light. You change a lot of things in your life. You create a better and more happy life. And you decide, that you will return to this temple on a regular basis, for lingham-healing and lingham-worship. And you know, that your dick deserves this. You know, that you need this and that you deserve this. And you know, that you are entitled to lingham-healing and lingham-worship.





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