Sexual healing

You can transform sexual blockades and problems

Many people are damaged in their sexuality and in their sex-chakra. I see the aura and the chakra's. And at the sex-chakra of many people I see heavy blockades, energies that circle around without direction, energies that fly without coherence in any direction, or energies that are put under high pressure. This has very bad consequences for the energy-flow through body, mind and spirit. When the energies flow coherent, you feel better, you are happy and at ease, less agitated and less irritated, and you perform better. Not only between the sheets, but also in daily life.

With many people who are spiritual and meditate, I see a lot of energy around the head and sometimes at the heart-chakra. But with many spiritual people the connection with the root-chakra is broken or blocked at the sexual level. The umbilical-chakra and the stomach-chakra are often used to separate the heart and head from the sexuality. As a result it is difficult to ground. The sex-chakra is between the earthly root-chakra and the higher chakra's. When the sex-chakra is not functioning good, you float above the earth.

Other people are very earthly and can not connect with the spiritual. They have the false conception, that they have to sacrifice their sexuality before they can become spiritual. In Christianity sex is bad, gay-sex is very bad and bi-sexuality, trans-sexuality and group-sex are extremely bad. And don't start about BDSM and other 'unspeakable sins'.

It is a misconception to think, that you have to sacrifice your sexuality to become a spiritual person. I have been in that struggle. At one time I had a clear vision of very enlightened beings, very loving and warm, that encouraged me to sacrifice my sexuality. If I only sacrificed my sexuality, everything would be allright, I would be accepted in heaven. But I had a gut-feeling, that that was very wrong, so I refused. Then I saw disappointment in those beings and waves of extreme hatred flowed from them to me. Doesn't that say it all? They wanted my sexual energy, so that they could feed, and I would be left without energy. Those beings were not 'light and loving', that was only pretence. They should be considered as a kind of energy-vampires, that live of the sexual energy of seekers of enlightenment. They are malicious.

According to many dogmatic religious creeds, there is a Creator that created humans after his own image. If someone is a homo-sexual, or a bi-sexual, he is created in this way by this Creator. Why should the followers of such a creed criticize other forms of sexuality? If you are created by a good Creator, your sexuality is good. And you don't have to be ashamed of who an what you are.

To become truely spiritual, you have to accept yourself as you are. You have to accept your sexual identity as it is. That should be your starting point. Throw away your sexuality and you become lightheaded, you loose contact with the physical reality. That is not spiritual at all.

As an earthly person, you have to transform all your old ideas and convictions about sexuality, you have to purify your sex-chakra and drive out all feelings of shame and guilt. And you have to learn to focus your sexual energy on positive objectives.





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