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Often consultations are given in sessions of 30 to 50 minutes. By the time you have taken of your coat, the consultation is over. Consultations that I give take two hours or four hours. In my opinion it is wrong to give many consultations per day and give a bad consultation at the end of the day because you are tired. That is why I give one consultation of four hours or two consultations of two hours per day. You get my attention during a consultation.

It is possible to have a talk with me for about one hour, if a session of two or four hours seems to much for you.

During a consultation I give a lot of energy.

Some spiritual healers claim, that this doesn't cost energy, because 'you just channel it'. That is not always true. I receive energy from my surroundings and pass it on. But to channel this energy I need to concentrate my thoughts and intentions. This concentration is tiresome. To give focused attention for four hours is tiresome.

When the amount of energy you channel is small, it seems that the energy is inexhaustible. It is not! I have given quite a number of aura-helings on fairs, sometimes six or seven on a day. I do this with s shamanic ritual. Such a ritual draws a lot of energy from the surrounding area. On a few occasions I noticed, that the energy of the area became depleted. Then you have to stop until the energy on that spot is restored.

I try to keep the price for a consultation low. I am not intereted in acquiring a lot of money. I just ask what I need. The price for a consultation is at the moment

  • for a talk of one hour.
  • for a consultation of two hours.
  • for a consultation of four hours.

Coaching by email

  • You can get personal coaching by email.
  • € 15,00 for each email
    Payment by paypal.

Advice, coaching, clarity by telephone.

In the Netherlands: 0909 333 777 9 0,80 euro per minute.

At the top at the right of this page you can see if we are available.

Consultation by telephone from other countries:

If you do not live in the Netherlands, you can speak with me with an appointment.

  • 35 euro per hour
  • 12 euro per 15 minutes
You can make an appointment with the following form. Please specify:

  • What date and time you prefer
  • How long the consultation should be.
  • The topic of the consultation.

I can give consultations by webcam. Use the form below to ask for more information.


You can ask questions and give a comment by the following form. Do not forget your email if you want an answer.


I do not participate with anti-social media


I do not participate with facebook, twitter et cetera because of the privacy-violations and the anti-social behavior of this kind of media. Anti-social media stimulate autistic and narcissistic behavior.






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At the moment I am not available.

Often I am available for questions and spiritual guidance via Helderinzicht.

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