Tantric coaching and development

Tantra is more than just another form of sex !!!

With tantra you develop your mind and you bring your soul into extasy. How? By stimulation of your senses and by harmonizing your male and female side. This we can achieve by pranayama (breathing focused on energy), visualisation, ritual work and sometimes with sex.

Tantra is known in the west as 'another way to experience sex'. That is a limited conception of tantra. I use a much broader definition of tantra, as a path to spiritual development. Sex is possible but not the objective.

Tantra is experiencing. But how do you start with tantra? Will you go to a workshop with people you never met, take of your clothes and hop on? For many people this is to big a step.

I give personal attention to you as individual or couple. We start with an aura-cleansing (with the clothes on), without touch. Then we do a tantric TRANCE-FORMATION. It is about spiritual development and about the integration of spirituality and sexuality. It is not about sex.

a tantric TRANCE-FORMATION is not sex, but a meditation with your own sexuality as subject. Usually this TRANCE-FORMATIONS are done with the clothes on and without sexual activities.

Women who talk with a doctor about bedroom-problems, are more satisfied with their sexuality, according to an American survey among 200 women. Conversation with a doctor improves sex-life

Nice, the previous paragraph. But can you talk with your doctor about your sex-life? Or do you prefer to do that anonymous? Or with someone you never have to meet?

You can talk with me about your sex-life, your fantasies, your frustrations. I can give you erotic or tantric assignments, that help you overcome your fears and inhibitions, to get certain insights, or that will improve your sex-life with your lover.


I do not participate with anti-social media


I do not participate with facebook, twitter et cetera because of the privacy-violations and the anti-social behavior of this kind of media. Anti-social media stimulate autistic and narcissistic behavior.






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Often I am available for questions and spiritual guidance via Helderinzicht.

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